Winter Retreat

1551596_10152161499641967_460355000_n Right after the new year the Lots of Food Guild Team met for our first winter retreat.  It was chilly outside, but nice and cozy sitting next to the wood stove in team member, Lori Staubitz ‘s historic home.

In this serene environment we gathered to share our own thoughts on 2013, observe and improve our processes, revisit our mission and vision statements, do strategic planning, make commitments for 2014 and share in a team building exercise designing a garden with dominoes!

Some great things have come out of this experience including an updated mission and vision statement!

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Kickstarter Campaign Over-funded!!!

Wow! Not only did we reach our goal in the first ever Kickstarter campaign but we have been over-funded!!!

In 30 days, 84 generous supporters donated a total of $3568 to support our work at the Montgomery Neighborhood center this year.

Thank you to our families, friends, friends of friends, and those we don’t know at all who helped us to reach our goal! 

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Lots of Food Kickstarter Campaign – Press Release

Download (PDF, 59KB)

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Montgomery LOF Children’s Winter Afterschool Program


Twice a month, LOF volunteer Rev. Lori Staubitz and Director of Senior Programs at Montgomery Neighborhood Center Ms. Viola Curry join together to create a fun filled experience for 15 neighborhood children. Our goals are to uplift the mind, body and spirit of each child so they in turn might do the same for others. The stories shared are interactive as they weave activities  with value based messages; Every game models cooperation and community building and simple recipes coupled with nutritious foods help provide the children with the experience of preparing and eating in healthy ways.

Monthly Update and Future Plans:  

October start-up
What better way to bring folks together than to share something warm and wonderful to eat!  In October we launched our first efforts by making applesauce and carving pumpkins.  In November we went on to act out the story of “Stone Soup” as we identified seven different vegetables that were cut, prepared and mixed together with “the stone” for a delicious and nutritious afterschool snack!

Ms. Viola Curry prepared a special thanksgiving meal for the children and helped teach the etiquette of table setting and manners that she had learned as a child. Afterward, Rev. Lori Staubitz shared her story “Joshua’s Stars” and invited the children to count their blessings too as each child received 20 small stones in a gift box to help remind them of the story.
Ms. Betty continues to support all efforts with her volunteer time helping with the cleaning and cooking. Special thanks to these two dedicated seniors for there on going efforts to help make this program a success!

This December we will prepare treats for the birds and squirrels that frequent our garden as we tell Eve Buntings story :The Night Tree” and decorate a living tree in our garden. Children will receive a special book they can later use to participate in the area Little Free Libraries that are located at here at Montgomery and at the neighboring garden at the Flying Squirrel.

In January we plan to sew/decorate personal  aprons; make baked stuffed potatoes, chili pie and help the children create their own recipe boxes so they can bring their new found skill home to share.

February we will turn our attention to the garden as we make explore herbal teas, start seedlings and learn more about how to garden before the ground is thawed!
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Lots of Food Logo Contest Winners!

Congratulations to the talented designers who tied for the win in the Lots of Food Logo Contest!

Jonathan M. Bernard, and
Kristin Ward,

How can you have two winners of a logo contest and only one logo you ask? Both Kristin and Jonathan were very flexible were able to combine elements from both of their submissions with ideas from the Guild Team to make a really eye-popping logo that reflects everything Lots of Food is about: Rochester, Food, Sun, Earth and Digging in and getting our hands dirty!


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Lots of Food article in The Wedge Newspaper

Lots of Food guild team member Deborah Klee wrote a great article about the work that we’ve been doing for the South Wedge Newspaper “The Wedge”. Pick up a copy or read about us in the online version.

Download (PDF, 1.27MB)

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Lots of Food Fall Update

We have quite a bit to update you on with our latest blog entry!

1173896_449338938498248_2086641364_nWe’re moving forward at the Episcopal Diocese. As always the garden is one of life’s great teachers and we are eager to learn from it. While this garden is flourishing, we’re continuing to make little adjustments and fine tunings here and there in order to make it an ever more bountiful space. Our next step will be to add benches and arbors to the garden. How exciting!

1090959_445307955568013_1035120295_oAt the Flying Squirrel, we’re sheet mulching around the outer beds of the garden and keeping the center spaces clear for grassy (clover-ie) gathering spaces. We’ve moved most of the mulch away to other spaces, but have about one more load left. (if you’d like to lend a hand, we always welcome more volunteers!). We also planted a few last minute items last week- horseradish, a replacement bee balm and rosemary. What a difference in the landscape this garden has made!

1262635_465035440261931_1729303007_oAt our PLEX site, we’re happy to say that the garden is all in (with the exception of a few items that we’ll be planting in the spring). All that’s left now is a bit more mulch around some of the plants and installing a sign.

1208950_449339698498172_670742392_nOver at the Peters/Duskin site Kathy has finished the mulching and is happy with her transformed yard. Would love some more feedback on this garden from neighbors! Kathy is looking forward to bountiful sharing down the road. Let us know what you think!

header-smallworld[1]The Small World Bakery garden awaits final approval before we’re able to begin designing the gardens. We may still be able to squeeze in a few “lasagna beds” before winter. (Keep an eye out for a call for volunteers!) Otherwise, we’ll look forward to the spring planting.

1072494_507541665996863_323159001_oWe’re continuing to spread the word about the garden and Lots of Food in general at the Little Flower site. The feedback continues to be positive and energizing! A few remaining plants (oregano, anise hyssop, walking onions) will be going in any day now! Additional mushroom logs will also be added following a mushroom cultivation workshop which was held here on Sunday, Oct. 6th. Get in touch if you’d like to lend a hand.

1234059_449339731831502_91222482_nFirst Universalist Church of Rochester Garden Alcove- Construction is complete! Strawberries and chives are planted as ground cover. We’ll be meeting with the Garden Committee/ Lot Steward on October 30th to move forward with plant selections. The Church is interested in purchasing some large planters that can serve as memorial “urns” which would also be planted with edibles. Such a pleasure to be a part of helping this garden take shape!

20130706 - planting pears 1Given the size of the Montgomery Neighborhood garden and our desire to begin portions of design and construction, we have divided our focus into workable sections. Three areas have been constructed with plantings. Lot Steward Winzell Beckett is working on the remaining garden design with continued plant selection and final design to be completed mid-winter. Lori Staubitz is visiting each week to check in with our “Garden Guardians”- folks who care for the garden who are also employed by Southwest Area Neighborhoods (SWAN). Plans for a Thursday afternoon LOF after-school Gardening program for children is underway. Program Director Viola Curry from SWAN/Montgomery will partner with Rev. Staubitz to facilitate. Our First outreach effort was scheduled on Thursday October 3,2013 from 4:00-7:00pm.  We made applesauce with the children and talked about future plans including the following:
1) Making Teas
2) Indoor Herbal Tea Garden
3) Hidden Worlds- Exploring who lives in the soil/ Good Bugs
4) Making Garden markers for plants
5) Garden Guardian tee shirt or apron designs
6) Our Lots of Food Garden Book

Sounds like a lot of fun, doesn’t it? At this time, funding for the Children’s Outreach program is supported by private donations of time, talent and resources. If you would like to get involved, please send us an email.

73369_572856479398231_1249324202_n[1]Over at the South Wedge Mission, Pastor Matthew has asked for LoF attendance at a Q & A with the congregation. We’re feeling thankful for the opportunity to further spread the word about the mission behind Lots of Food. Our hope is to get some woodies planted here this year and we’re awaiting formal acceptance of the Little Free Library which we believe would make a great addition to this garden!.

1270517_465038370261638_1474754837_oAt the Rochester Public Market Garden last week, with the help of Joe’s family, Little Flower Community guests, and Vic, we finally finished weeding and mulching the annual garden. (check out our Facebook page for photos!) We also received approval for placing a Little Free Library there. Yay! The plan is to have it painted and installed this year. If you have artistic talents you’d like to share, get in touch!

Wow! So much productivity and positive energy! Thanks so much to all of you for your support and contributions. You are what is making Lots of Food the success that it is and that we hope it will continue to be.



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August Garden Updates

It’s August and Lots of Food has been very busy planting!  Here are updates from some of our gardens this month!

1090959_445307955568013_1035120295_oWe just finished up the first garden work party at the Flying Squirrel Community Space on Friday the 16th! We had 14 volunteers including members of the Clarissa St. neighborhood and their children.  The kids did a lot of the work!  At the end of the day we had 5 trees, a row of raspberries, day lillies and an aronia bush in the ground. We also layed the groundwork for 8 future garden beds that we’ll put in on the 29th with the Wilson Day volunteers.

Things are moving right along at the Peters/Duskin site!  We’re making the final adjustments to the garden design, and volunteers have begun putting cardboard down in anticipation of a delivery of mulch which we’re expecting any day now.

At the Small World site on Canal St. we’ve gotten some great feedback from our design charette and are poised to move forward as soon as all of the logistics are worked out!

20130706 - planting pears 1Over at the Montgomery Neighborhood Center we’ve had a hotbed of activity with everything from rabbit-proofing trees to installing small frames for winter to planting swiss chard, comfrey, garlic, and onions.  We’re ready for mulch and very much looking forward to the arrival of the Wilson Day volunteers on August 29th!

The site at the First Universalist Church has seen concrete removed from portions of the garden and a very successful Mulch Party on August 9th.  A work party with First Universalist Garden Team is planned for August 20th.


The Asian Pear trees are in over at the Little Flower site on Melville St., and the space as a whole is nearly ready for planting thanks to a very productive volunteer day this past Wednesday, Getting lots of positive comments and support from the neighbors, by the way. =)  We have some exciting design ideas in store for this site and are looking forward to future progress with great anticipation!  

We’re feeling energized, and hope you’ll continue to join us in helping Rochester realize its potential as the (Edible) Flower City!

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Lots of Food Needs YOU!


Hi, Folks. It indeed takes a village, or in this case, a city. We are ready to dig in and start planting so we need you to let us know when you can help us get our gardens in or if you can help us in some other ways like with signage and with some items we are in need of:

Please RSVP if you can join us. We have garden planting parties scheduled:

  • Friday, 8/16 9 am – 3 pm at The Flying Squirrel Community Space on Clarissa Street
  • Thursday, 8/22 8 am -2 pm at the Lynch-Bradford residence on Seneca Parkway
  • Friday, 8/23 1:30 – 4:30 pm at The Episcopal Diocese on East Main Street
  • Wednesday, 8/28 4-6 pm at The Episcopal Diocese on East Main Street
  • Thursday, 8/29 10-3 at various sites with our Wilson Day volunteers

…With more to come soon, you can check out our calendar at:

Items we are in need of:

  • Wood chip mulch, preferably delivered to one of our sites – please email me for more information
  • Frozen juice can lids – 400 needed by 8/28
  • Metal hangers – 200 needed by 8/28
  • Wire – similar to that from Chinese food takeout containers – 100 needed by 8/28
  • Metal Fencing and stakes – for protecting some of our babies (small trees like pawpaws)
  • Calendula plants – does anyone have 6 to spare?

Please consider joining us as an occasional or steady volunteer in our gardens and/or in our various working groups.

Right now our biggest needs are helping hands, materials, and signage.
If you can pick up mulch for us from a list of locations we have, please call or email me.

Here are some working groups that could use some more helpers:

For more information:
See our calendar at
Call 585.506.6505



<3 Mary

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Looking for can lids for recycled garden signs!


Help us identify LOF plants with homemade, recycled plant markers: 
— A large quantity of smooth edged can lids 
(as from frozen juice, or removed with one of those spiffy can openers that removes the whole lid without leaving sharp edges)

–Metal coat hangers  (to be used for marker stakes)

These can be delivered to Patty Love at  163 Helen Road, Rochester, NY 14623,  and  can be left in or near the milk box by her door.  Or call Patty at 506 6505  for pick up.

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