Working Groups and FUNctions

Working groups are like committees to break up the work into smaller focused groups of interested individuals.  We are seeking additional volunteers in each of these areas.  Please contact us if you are interested.

Outreach for new planting spaces and faces

  • Coordinate site visits with land owner/steward and Program Director
  • Suggest and develop template for talking points in outreach
  • Develop template for site visit information gathering
  • Develop template for site visit information sharing (i.e. LOF mission, vision, process, landowner agreement to keep as public food)
  • Make recommendation to Guild Team about incorporating site – timeframe,       priority
  • Make recommendation to appropriate team member and/or working group for new       volunteers

Materials/resources gathering and management

  • Identify resources needed and possible sources
  • Develop and track site planting resource list, location, and contact information       (plant materials, pallet wood, soil, compost, mulch)
  • Check Craig’s List, Rochester ReUseIt, and Facebook group “Rochester Pass It On”
  • Facilitate delivery of resources to installation sites in conjunction with Lot Steward

Garden design

  • Coordinate and conduct site assessment/analysis with Lot Steward, landowner, and any site specific decision maker (if possible) after Guild Team reviews Outreach       recommendation.  (Neighborhood Contact may attend site visit if available but will not be expected at each one.)
  • Make a recommendation to Guild Team about feasibility of site
  • Attend at design charette when possible
  • Incorporate any appropriate charette feedback into the design
  • Create a base map for the site to be used throughout the design iterations – including       watering and de-watering sources (bathrooms)
  • Work with Lot Steward, Neighborhood Contact, and Guild Team member to develop an appropriate design for each lot

Planting party organization (human labor)

  • Coordinate with Lot Steward to identify number of volunteers needed and Community       Volunteers
  • Outreach to LOF leadership and social media for website calendar, general mailing list,       Facebook and Meetup groups for additional volunteers
  • Source weather appropriate beverages for volunteers


  • Signage/educational materials
    • Develop sign design and content
    • Ensure consistent LOF branding and make thoughtful deviations from branding
    • Install signage at sites in a timely manner
    • Identify resources needed and possible sources
    • Suggest and develop educational materials such as plant info, recipes, etc.
  • Publicity
  • Write press releases for review by Program Director
  • Distribute press releases to media and to Social Media WG Leader
  • Suggest publicity channels and methods
  • Leader shall coordinate with Social Media WG Leader
  • Source and coordinate LOF photo and video documentation
  • Social media
  • LOF website
    • Identify best uses for this medium
    • Suggest structure and content
    • Update content
  • LOF Facebook page
    • Identify best uses for this medium
    • Suggest structure and content
    • Update content
  • LOF Facebook group
    • Identify best uses for this medium
    • Suggest structure and content
    • Update content
  • Other suggestions

Grant writing/fundraising

  • Identify funding needs
  • Identify likely funding sources
  • Write grants for review by Program Director and Executive Director


  • Decide on mapping strategy and software
  • Develop map(s) starting with LOF sites
  • Search for existing maps such as those done by CCE, other websites, etc. and link to or embed them in our website
  • Add new LOF projects to appropriate map
  • Convey updates to webmaster

Collaborations and Community Building

  • Offer community education on permaculture skills
  • Community education on LOF mission, vision, and accomplishments
  • Seek partnerships and collaborations with appropriate groups and individuals
  • Develop other team members to act as LOF Ambassadors and/or volunteers
  • Send thank yous and receipts for donations of all manner


  • Coordinate publicity for events with Social Media Team and Publicity
  • Schedule and coordinate annual winter retreat for Guild Team
  • Schedule quarterly celebrations of accomplishments
    • With  volunteers, community, and LOF leadership
    • In conjunction with other groups (e.g. NOFA-NY’s September Locavore event)

Working Group Leaders

  • Assemble and work with volunteer team to carry out tasks in a timely manner and to meet (or renegotiate) time agreements
  • Accept responsibility for complete agreed upon tasks within time agreement
  • Report back to Guild Team at meetings with progress and support needed
  • Work and communicate with Program Director as needed